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Eco Carpet Cleaning

Our Duplex machine is the first of its kind (steam generators and multi-floor cleaners) to feature the Smart Approved WaterMark stamp.

Chemical residue on carpet fibers can attract dirt from the soles of shoes as people walk on the carpet, to dust that is flying in the air which will cause the carpet to become dirty again soon after cleaning. These residues can also reduce indoor air quality which triggers asthma, allergies and fatigue, not something I would like in my home or yours!

These all have  VOC emissions.

Our carpet cleaning is chemical free and therefore safe on the environment and your family home. Carpet Cleaning King will deep clean your carpet. Your carpet will maintain fresh and clean without the fibers being worn out. 

Our eco deep carpet cleaning machine is a low moisture carpet cleaner that uses mechanical agitation to clean instead of using detergents. The old principle of cleaning with water and agitation. Chemical free.

This process uses less water  which allows your carpets to dry quicker and helps prevent the growth of mould and mildew under your carpet. 

Your Carpet will be deep cleaned right down to the backing.

Because no chemicals are used, there is no residue left behind to atract dirt and grime to your carpets. Your carpets will be cleaner and healthier. Our process is safe on the environment by not using chemicals insuring your home is healthy and clean.

Our Jetvac Pro Steam Cleaner is eco friendly using no chemicals, which we use on carpet, rugs, mats, upholstery and mattresses.

Carpet cleaning king recommends you clean your carpets every 6 months if you have pets and once a year if you don't have pets.

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